General Terms and Conditions


1. Booking

1.1.     The hotel accommodation contract comes into effect as soon as the booking has been made or confirmed, or – if a confirmation

has not been possible due to the late booking – as soon as the room has been made available for the guest.

1.2.     Once finalized, the hotel contract is binding and both contract parties are obliged to fulfil the terms of the contract for the agreed contract time. This does not apply, however, if for reasons such as damage or renovation work, the hotel is unable to provide the room or rooms in

questions on the arranged date. In this case the hotel reserves the right to cancel the contract up to 30 days before the stipulated

arrival date without the obligation to pay compensation.

1.3.     Check in on the day of arrival is possible after 3 pm.

1.4.     If the guest has not expressly notified the hotel of a late arrival the hotel reserves the right to re-let the room or rooms after 6 pm. This does not apply if the reservation was guaranteed by a valid credit card or deposit payment.

1.5.     Should the statutory rate of VAT change after the contract has been closed, the hotel reserves the right to change rates accordingly.

  1. 2.Obligations of the hotel

The guest is not entitled to insist on particular hotel rooms unless these have been expressly requested beforehand. Should a room which has been expressly requested beforehand by a guest not be available upon arrival, the hotel is than obliged to organize to the best of its ability a comparable alternative within the hotel or in a comparable location.

2.1.     No reimbursement is possible for accommodation services which have already been paid for should these remain unused.

3. Cancellation / No Show

3.1.     Any cancellation of a hotel contract is to made in writing.

3.2.     Other than during the period of a Hanover trade fair there is no cancellation fee for individual bookings cancelled until 6 pm

on the day of arrival. If a cancellation is made later than 6 pm 90 % of the room rate will be charged. In case of Now Show, if a guest does not arrive without giving notice of cancellation, 100 % of the total booking value will be charged.

3.3.     Groups (20 or more persons) are free to cancel reservations up to 45 days prior to arrival. Fro cancellations from 44 up to 30 days prior to arrival 50 % of the total booking value will be charged. Later than 30 days prior to arrival 90 % of the total booking value as well as the costs of any additional catering must be paid.

3.4.     Cancellation terms for reservations made for the periods during Hanover trade fairs are individually agreed by contract and stipulated.

3.5.     In accordance with the general duty to mitigate loss the hotel is obliged to reallocate any rooms which remain unoccupied due to cancellation.

3.6.     Unless or until the hotel is able to reallocate a cancelled room the guest remains obliged to pay the cancellation fee as stipulated.

3.7.     Deviations to the Terms % Conditions listed in section 3 must be agreed upon unequivocally between both contract parties to ensure that any special arrangements have binding status.

4. Payment

4.1.     Reservations are not regarded as being contractually binding unless the hotel has received payment of the accommodation

fee within the agreed time or a credit card guarantee in case of individual payment on departure.

4.2.     Cancellations made within the given allowed time will be fully reimbursed.

5. Salvatory Clause

5.1.     Should any of these Terms & Conditions be or become void, it is to be replaced by a valid provision which is as close as

possible in meaning to the invalid one.

6. Other

6.1.     Special arrangements made with the hotel by phone or similar are only valid when confirmed in writing.

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